It's Your Life!  Financial Literacy Activity
<div>April 1</div><div>You just got paid! Put $2,500 in your checking account.</div>
<div>April 1. Rent is due! But you get to chose which apartment you are living in. Take a look below to decide.</div><div><br></div> Rentals
<div>April 1. Put $100 into your savings account. Because we are only doing a checking account book, you just deduct $100 from it because it is no longer in the checking account.</div>
<div>April 5. You open the fridge, and there is nothing good to eat. Time to grocery shop. Deduct $120 from your checking account. </div>
<div>April 10. Your TV bill is due. Deduct $75. </div>
<div>April 11. Ooops, don't forget Netflix! Another $12. Boy you love your TV!</div>
<div>April 15. Your electric bill is due. It's been cold...$110 deducted.</div>
<div>April 17. All your friends have the same new game, and you HAVE to have it! Deduct $50. Now you can connect with them online :)</div>
<div>April 18. Water bill is due. $30</div>
<div>April 19. Your cell phone is due. Gotta stay connected! Deduct $90.</div>
<div>April 21. Your car payment is due. Which vehicle do you want? Deduct that amount.</div><div><br></div> Vehicle Choices
<div>April 26. Date night! You finally got up the nerve to ask that special someone out! You going to impress him/her? Deduct $75. Or are you going to McDonalds? Deduct $15.</div>
<div>April 26. Out of food again! Deduct $75</div>
<div>April 19. Your car insurance is due. Subtract $200</div>
<div>April 17. Out of food! Deduct $85</div>
<div>April 28. A night out with friends. They decide to go to the movies then go bungie jumping. Deduct $120</div>
<div>April 15. Your credit card bill is here. The minimum payment you can make is $85. But you owe $3,000. You can pay as little as $85 but can try to pay more to pay off your bill sooner. Deduct the amount you will pay.</div>
<div>April 21. Your internet is due. Deduct $50.</div>

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