<div>The movie takes place on an Island, which is owned by Ingen, called Isla Nublar.</div>
<div>Specially picked people where chosen to go including Ian, a Chaitition, Alan, the Paleontologist, Ellie, the Paleobotanist, Genaro, the owners Lawyer and Tim and Lex- the owners grandchildren</div>
<div>Ellie and Alan are introduced, as well as John Hammond (The owner of the island)</div>
<div>They are then persuaded to come to Johns island- Jurassic Park, and while on the helicopter, Ian and Genaro are Introduced.</div>
<div>The five are bought into the island, and into the dinosaur creation lab, to get a basic idea on how it works.</div>
<div>Tim and Lex are introduced, being Johns Grandkids.</div>
<div>Whilst all this was going on, Nedry, the parks Security and or coder, had a plan to steal the dinosaur embryos, to get money from a man he made a deal with.</div>
<div>The tour begins, with Ellie, Alan and Ian in one car and Lex, Tim and Genaro in the other, while John stayed at the control center to monitor if everything went smoothly...</div>
<div>The tour began with an awfully slow start, with two no- shows, until they stopped at the sick triceratops' paddock- Ellie stayed with a doctor to help diagnos the triceratops.</div>
<div>It starts to rain, and back at the control center, Nedry disabled all of the park security systems, including the dinosaur fences, to get past the cameras so he could steal the embryos.</div>
<div>Nedry steals the embryos, and attempts to make it to the east dock, so he could send the embryos to the man, and meanwhile in the cars, the batteries had ran out and the vehicles had stopped right next to the T- rex paddock,</div>
<div>A robot automatically sends a live goat into the T- rex paddock for the T- rex to eat, but it didn't show up...</div>
<div>In attempt to reach the east dock, Nedry accidentally went in the Dilophosaurus paddock, and got eaten by it. Back at the T- rex paddock, it finally decided to show up and with the fences being off, it broke out, ate the lawyer and 'forced' Alan, Lex and Tim to escape into the jungle.</div>
<div>With the T- rex roaming free, a deadly pack of Velociraptors also broke out...</div>
<div>Alan, Tim and Lex where trying to make their way to the main Building, and Ellie and Robert went out to find the survivors. They find Ian but not the others, so they head back- with a plan that when morning hits they would go to the maintainence building and reboot the parks power.</div>
<div>Morning has arrived, and Ellie and Robert, who is equipped with a shotgun, head out to get the power back. On the way Robert gets eaten by a Velociraptor, and Ellie runs to the Maintainence building and turns the power back on, and Alan, Lex and Tim finds Ellie.</div>
<div>They all return to the visitors center to eat and get medical assistance, but the raptors got in,however they eventually escaped from them.</div>
<div>As they where leaving, they encountered the raptors again, but the T- rex came and ate them, with the dinosaurs battling, they managed to slip away and abandon the failed idea of genetically engineered dinosaur park.</div>
<div>They all leave the island- leaving it to be reclaimed by the jungle.</div>
<div>Finally the end credits take place, and the movie ends.</div>