<div>While D.J is at his grandfather's funeral, him and his six other cousins receive letters from their grandfather that were written a few months before his death.</div>
<div>D.J travels to Tanzania, Africa</div>
<div>He meets one of his grandfathers friends named Elijah, who's son (Mr.Odogo), and Mr.Odogo's daughter would take him up the mountain and a few other tourists up the mountain.</div>
<div>As D.J climbs the mountain with all of the porters, he becomes friends with an old woman named Doris and Mr.Odogo's daughter Sarah.</div>
<div>D.J struggles to climb because of the colder weather, the trip up the mountain would take 7 days, he was tired, but determined to reach the top.</div>
<div>D.J reached the summit (the top), and scattered his fathers ashes in the air. He had granted one of grandfathers last wishes. Only half of the people who climb Mount Kilimanjaro reach the summit, and D.J did. </div>
<div>D.J completed his task and headed back home. </div>
<div><span style="font-size:10px;">A porter is a person who carries another persons luggage and belongings. </span></div>
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<div>D.J travels to Tanzania, Africa</div>