<div>Asgard (Thor's World) is fine at the beginning of the movie</div>
<div>Odin (Thor's dad dies)</div>
<div>The Hulk is one of avengers characters</div>
<div>Loki is Thor's adopted brother</div><div><br></div>
<div>Thor is captured by the Valkyrie and forced to participate in a gladiator like battle</div>
<div>This is Hela the villian who controls Ragnarok</div>
<div>This is the valkyrie who ends up being a friend of Thor</div>
<div>Thor and Hulk fight but end up getting back to Asgard where there has been chaos due to Ragnarok a large monster</div> T
<div>Hello fights Thor and the Hulk along side with the Valkyrie in a huge battle destroying Asgard (Thor's world) and Ragnarok is summoned</div>
<div>Thor alongside with the Hulk, Loki, and the Valkyrie defeat Ragnarok and start recreating Asgard</div>
<div>Thor starts to recreate Asgard for everyone who got their houses broken</div>