<div><b>Third Grade CAASPP</b></div><div>Third grade performance is a key indicator of progress as students advance into upper elementary work. The yearly CAASPP assessment is used to measure progress overall and by subgroup.</div>
<div><b>Eighth Grade Math</b></div><div>Eighth grade math performance is a key indicator for success in high school. Progress in math is measured by performance on the CAASPP and MAP assessments. Eighth graders who qualify for advanced math have the opportunity to attend math courses at the high school.</div>
<div><b>Developmental Reading Assessment</b></div><div>First grade reading proficiency is a key indicator of future academic success.The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) allows teachers to systematically observe and monitor progress in student’s reading performance over time. </div>
<div><b>3-8 EL Proficiency Rate</b></div><div>English Learner progress in English Language Arts and Math is required by LCFF. Proficiency is measured by the yearly CAASPP assessment.</div>
<div><b>Demographics</b></div><div>Lammersville Unified serves a diverse community. No single demographic group is over 50%. </div>
<div><b>Supplemental Populations</b></div><div>The State of California requires school districts to monitor supplemental student populations which include Special Education, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, and English Learner. </div>
<div><b>Highest Performing District in the County</b></div><div>Students in Lammersville Unified score well above state and local districts based on a variety of metrics. </div>
<div><b>Smarter Balanced Assessments</b></div><div>The Smarter Balanced Assessments (CAASPP - Required State Assessment) are taken each spring to measure student progress in grades 3-8 and 11. </div>
<div><b>California School Dashboard</b></div><div>The California School Dashboard shows how districts and schools are performing on test scores, graduation rates and other measures of student success. The pie charts are annually adjusted based on student outcomes tied to mandated State priorities. </div>
<div><b>Early College Enrollment</b></div><div>Students in the Early College program take courses at both MHHS and Delta College. Students earn a high school diploma and earn an AA or AS degree concurrently.</div>
<div><b>Alt Ed &amp; Online Pathway</b></div><div>MHHS offers an alternative education program for credit recovery and an online program for students who choose to complete graduation requirements on a non-traditional pathway. Students in both programs are eligible to participate in all school activities and have access to subject area teachers. </div>
<div><b>MHHS Pathways</b></div><div>CTE Pathways provide opportunities for all students to experience relevant career coursework, preparing them for life beyond high school.</div>
<div><b>UC/CSU Requirements</b></div><div>In addition to meeting high school graduation requirements, students who are interested in attending a four year college or university must meet UC/CSU requirements that demonstrate they are ready for college level work. </div>
<div><b>Extracurricular Engagement</b></div><div>Participation in extra and co-curricular events is a key indicator for high school connectedness and academic success. With the Super Fan App, students can earn points and win prizes by attending extracurricular and athletic events.</div>
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