<div>I think that this advertisement is towards people who drive on long road trips and far away destinations. People who need to find strong and upgraded cars, this kind is the best. People that go on most vacations ride towards rocky and rough mountains so only the strongest cars and better shielded cars can go through this. This is what this advertisement shows and tells the audience that this is directed to, to buy the strongest best! </div>
<div>The slogan, text, and other elements engage and influence the target audience from the advertisement in many ways. One is the description in the top left which says "It's more than technology. It's instinct." It shows how high technology and complex this car is built. For example it's about how this car is more complex than other cars and normal technology.</div>
<div>There is one manipulation in the advertisement which the target audience is most attracted to. The rhino. As it is, the rhino is wearing wheels as its shoes or feet. And the car is being loaded on top of it. It is comparing between the strength from the car shield/cover and the rhino. Rhinos are strong and good at fighting and defense of itself. So it shows how the car can also be just as strong and other necessities in a rhino.</div>