<div>I think that this advertisement's target audience is towards gamers. I think this because the design of this advertisement shows an 8-bit pixelated T-Rex in what looks like a game. </div>
<div>The slogan engages the target audience by being very catchy. This in turn, makes it so that the slogan gets stuck</div><div>in the target audience's brains more easily, thus reminding them of the commerical and the product.</div>
<div>The image engages the target audience by being very simplistic and not very crowded. This makes it easier for the target audience to remember the commercial, thus the product (KitKat). </div>
<div>The photo manipulation I think has </div><div>taken place is how they photoshopped a KitKat to be on it's own and put it on a solid red background created on a computer.</div>