<div>We are introduced to the young life of the main character: Judy Hopps.</div><div>Judy always wanted to be a police officer. She is very kind and enthusiastic about everything. She stands up for her friends and herself. She does not know how to quit.</div> statici.behindthevoiceactors.com
<div>Then the life of old Judy comes and she gets accepted to become a police officer. She leaves her parents carrot farm and becomes a police officer in the city of Zootopia.</div><div><br></div>
<div>She buys a fox and his baby a jumbo lollipop in a store where the owner won't give stuff to foxes.</div>
<div>While she is sitting in her car a man comes to her and says that somebody stole from his store. Judy pursues the culprit. Then she catches him.</div>
<div>After she agrees to solve a mystery where a otter went missing.</div>
<div>Then Judy gets the fox on her team to help her find the otter. </div>
<div>Judy and the fox get chased by a wild animal trying to eat them. They barely survived. </div>
<div>They find why the animals are acting so wild and go deep inside </div><div>the investigation. </div>
<div>They find out that the villain was actually the mayors assistant. They stopped the animals from going crazy and eating everybody. </div>
<div>After they get very famous and the fox becomes a police officer. </div>
<div>And Zootopia becomes a peaceful city once again.</div>
<div>Lt. Judy Hopps. Main character of the whole movie. She was the first ever bunny to be a police officer. She always wanted to be a police officer. She is enthusiastic and exited for everything. She is very helpful and kind. </div> cdn.costumewall.com
<div>Nick Wilde. (aka the fox). He is the other main character of the movie. He is discriminated. He is a corny fox who is a criminal. He used to trick animals. </div> i.pinimg.com
<div>This movie took place in Zootopia</div>
<div>She is the mayors assistant. She is also the villain. She wants revenge from discrimination. She is a sheep. Her name is Bellwether.</div> pbs.twimg.com
<div>He is the mayor of the town. He is a lion. He strongly believes in the law. His name is Lionheart.</div> statici.behindthevoiceactors.com