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<div>Glaciers of Antarctica</div>
<div>This is mumble the penguin</div>
<div>The parents meet at a singing competition and fall in love, some time later they make an egg, soon to be mumble. But later on near here the father drops the egg down a hill which messes the egg up.</div>
<div>The egg does not hatch dew to the fall, they think there is no hope and its dead, But soon the egg hatches and everyone is happy. Soon they think the baby has a problem with its feet.</div>
<div>All the children develop fur while mumble does not. At school he tries to sing but he does horribly, people are not impressed and the teacher has never seen bad singing like that. Soon his parents are called in and mumble would need more help than his friends.</div>
<div>There are some birds who where hungry went to eat some penguins, they spotted mumble, so they took him, mumble distracts the birds with a color and hides in a hole, they get tired of waiting and leave.</div>
<div>Mumble does not graduate school due to his lack of singing.</div> s3.thingpic.com
<div>Mumble goes fishing for the first time, he swims with all the penguins doing a so penguin underwater dance.</div>
<div>Mumle finds someone who will help him in the future, her name is gloria</div>
<div>Gloria finds him different and unable to connect with society using his feet.</div>
<div>Mumble goes out to find humans to help his food shortage issue</div>
<div>Humans capture Mumble and sends him to a zoo, mumble is scared and confused as he is far from his family. He soon gets used to it after months, but at the zoo there is no food shortages. He soon gets crazy then the zoo decides to send him back because he acts crazy and scares away the people who visit the penguins.</div>
<div>He gets released but with a color on his feet representing he was already captured</div>
<div>He gets back to his colony with his family really happy, but the older penguins feel like he was no a human.</div>
<div>He then discovers a tracking device on him which made a drone spectate everything that happened while millions are tuned on TV.</div>
<div>he starts dancing and so does everyone else, while glorious is singing. </div>
<div>he finds some </div>
<div>The drone leaves and mumble is finally accepted with his talent</div>