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<div>One day, the three little pigs decided to build their own houses because it was too hard for their mother to take care of them.</div>
<div>The first little piggy was too lazy and built his house out of straws.</div> www.timvandevall.com
<div>The second little piggy was still somewhat lazy but built his house out of sticks.</div> www.timvandevall.com
<div>The third little piggy wanted his house to be strong. He worked on it for hours and built it out of bricks, there was a chimney and everything! It was the strongest out of the three.</div> www.timvandevall.com
<div>One day, a hungry wolf was walking by the first little piggy's' house. He could smell the pig so he yelled, "Let me in!" but he didn't let him in.</div>
<div>The wolf blew the house down and the pig escaped. He ran to the second little piggy's house. The same thing happened.</div>
<div>Both the pigs ran to the third little piggy's house as the wolf ran after them.</div>
<div>The wolf told them to open the door but they didn't. So he huffed, but couldn't blow the house down since it was made of brick.</div>
<div>The wolf decided that he could climb down the chimney. Little did he know there was boiling hot water on he fire right under it.</div>
<div>The wolf fell right into the boiling water.</div>
<div>The pigs cooked up the wolf into the pot.</div>
<div>They ate the wolf for dinner.</div>
<div>This is a picture of a wolf</div> defenders.org