Want to know how this story was created?
<div>Baby Moana is fascinated by the stories told by her grandmother. Later she finds herself near the water helping a turtle get into the sea safely. </div>
<div>Grows up and tries to travel ways past the reef. She later regrets going there, from all the waves and being injured.</div>
<div>Grandma had passed away and gave Moana a task to take the heart of Te Fiti to Maui and save the world.</div>
<div>Moana meets Maui, and they dodge "murdering little pirates".</div>
<div>They plan to get back Maui's hook from Tamatoa in Lalotai (realm of monsters).</div>
<div>Maui and Moana fail to win against the lava monster, Te Ka! Maui;s hook is destroyed and decided not to go on a "suicide mission" to save the world.</div>
<div>Moana gets past Te Ka but then she realizes that Te Ka was Te Fiti. Then she restores the heart and saves the world.</div>
<div>Moana is then friends with Te Fiti and Maui, and Maui's fish hook was fixed!</div>
<div>Moana sets off back to her island of Motonui and her father is convinced their people should go back to voyaging.</div>
<div>Maui is a Demigod of the wind and sea, a shapeshifter, and a hero to all. He was abandoned by his parents but later found by the gods, and they made him... Maui!</div>
<div>This is Moana, she was chosen by the ocean to sail with Maui across the great sea!</div>
<div>This chicken's name is Hei Hei. He basically lacks intelligence for basically anything.</div>