<div>the introduction to the inside of the phone where the emojis live </div>
<div>gene's first day of his job </div>
<div>gene's starts to get very scared for his day of work</div>
<div>when they were ready for him he messed up big time which makes alex think that the phone is bugged </div>
<div>they need to find a way to fix his mistake or he will be erased from the emojis </div>
<div>then he starts to leave the the phones emoji app and trys to fix the phone </div>
<div>gene finds a hacker so they can fix alex's phone and they face challenges to fix the problem </div>
<div>they need to do challenges to erase the the problem and the challenges could cause them to die </div>
<div>they erase the problem and go back home and tell them what happend</div>
<div>they fix the problem and they get rid of the girl that always small because no one liked her and she was mean</div>