<div>This story starts at Snow white's fathe'rs castle. </div>
<div>One day a beautiful queen wishes that she would have a beautiful daughter with snow white skin and blood red lips and black hair . Just like magic she had a little girl with her husband who was king with what she wished for </div>
<div>Sadly , Snow white's mother passes away. Her father then marries another beautiful woman. </div>
<div>Then , her father passes away too saddening her but as well as the kingdom. The new queen was now called the " evil queen " she only cared about looks. She taxed the kingdom so she could buy new beauty potions for herself. </div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Everyday she would look into a magic mirror and says " mirror mirror on the way who's the fairest of them all? " the mirror would answer truthfully " you my queen ".</span></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> i1.wp.com
<div>By now snow white was a beautiful young girl. She was kind , modest , beautiful and had everything that would make you fall in love with her. One day the queen asked the mirror her everyday question " mirror mirror on the way who's the fairest of them all? " her mirror truthfully answered " My queen there is a girl who is more beautiful that you , she is your stepdaughter snow white. </div>
<div>The evil queen gets so angry she sends her trusty huntsman to take her into the forest and kill her. Then bring her heart to her. The hunter takes her to the forest but he was so mesmerized by her beauty he told her to run away and the queens gruesome plans. He kills a deer and gives that to the queen.</div>
<div>She finds a house in the deep forest. She goes inside cooks and cleans then goes to bed. She notices there are 7 tiny little beds. Just then 7 little men barge into the house! She finds that they are dwarfs and this is their house. One of the dwarfs notices how she cooked and cleaned so they let her stay. But soon began to love her because of her kindness and gentleness</div> denisemock.net
<div>The evil queen finds out that she is alive! She is so angered! She decides to kill Snow white herself. She makes a juicy , red poisoned apple and takes form into a old , weak woman. And sets off into the forest.</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>The evil queen taking form in a old woman</div>
<div>She goes to the house while snow white is home alone because the dwarfs are out mining and offers her an apple. Snow white could not say no to a sweet old lady and the apple did look delicious! She took one bite and she fell the the floor!</div><div><br></div><div><br></div> www.youtube.com
<div>Snow white</div>
<div>Snow white was kind and gentle so even the animals loved her.</div>
<div>She falls into a deep and deadly -like sleep. She can only be awaken by a kiss by a Prince.</div>
<div>With no price to get a kiss from , the dwarfs put her in a casket and grieve. The suddenly a prince arrives. The dwarfs ask him to give her a kiss. He does so and then she awakes! The princess was shocked to see a stranger yet , very handsom price.</div>