<div>Andy is going to college now and he needs to pack his things.</div>
<div>Andy is in his room when He discovers his old chest of toys. The memories come back to him. He wants to take some with him to College</div>
<div>Once Andy starts rummaging through the Chest he finds Woody. This toy was with Andy from Day one. They have come too far to be separated so Andy decides to take woody to college</div>
<div>Andy takes the rest of the toys, puts them in a garbage and places them in front of the attic as that was where the others toys would go.</div>
<div>Andy's mom was collecting the garbage and noticed some trash bags in front of the attic. She thought it was garbage that belonged in a trash can so she took the bag with her and dumped it in the trash.</div>
<div>The toys wake up only to find our that they have been dumped away with other pieces of garbage. They realize that Andy did not want them anymore.</div>
<div> Woody tries to convince them that Andy still liked them after all, he was Andy's favourite deputy. But, the Toys are not convinced. They notice a box labelled "Sunnyside Daycare" and hop in. Woody was left with no other choice but to join his friends.</div>
<div>Once the toys arrive at sunnyside. They are greeted with a warm welcome from the daycare toys. The "leader" toy named Lots - O gives them a tour of the place and ushers them into the toddlers room.</div>
<div>The Toys are very excited to finally be played with again but not Woody. He tells them they have to leave. But they don't listen so he heads off onto his own.</div>