<div>The movie takes place in Beecher Prep middle school (Auggie's school) in New York and in his house.</div>
<div>Auggie's father thought that it's time for Auggie to go to school(5th grade)and he needs to understand and see the world. He is a funny person and understanding.</div>
<div>Auggie's mother, she doesn't want Auggie to go to school because she is scared that Auggie won't like it. She cares for him and is a big help to calm down Auggie.</div>
<div>Olivia (Via) Auggie's sister. Feels that no one pays attention to her. In high school.</div>
<div>Auggest (Auggie) main character. Has facial problems, in 5th grade and goes to school for the first time. </div>
<div> A kid in 5th grade, homeschooled, starts going to school and fears showing his true face due to a health issue that is facial deformity. He needed to learn more than his mom can teach him.\</div>
<div>In Halloween Auggie wears a mask.And because Jack lacks with self-confidence to be with him, he accidentally hurts Auggie with his words. </div>
<div>Summer sits with Auggie at lunch because she feels sorry, but it doesn’t take long for the two of them to become friends. Eventually Jack figures out where the things went of the rail and soon make up.</div>
<div> Mr. Tushman, the principle of Beecher prep asks 3 kids to be friends with him. (Charlette, Jack, Julian) Once Jack gets used to Auggie, Jack realizes that Auggie is a good friend. </div>
<div> They become partners for the science fair, but then Julian turns on him because he decided to become friends with Auggie, but Jack doesn't regret it. The class goes to a camp trip and that’s where the seven graders came.</div>
<div> Auggie gets in a fight with them, but his friends stood up for him. </div>
<div>His peers accept Auggie and become friends.</div>
<div>Olivia's best friend acts wierd and leaves Olivia. Olivia meets a guy and become friends. Then he meets Auggie.</div>
<div>Auggie gets an award for caring and Olivia make up with her frend.</div>