Want to know how this story was created?
<div>The movie takes place in Beecher Prep middle school (Auggie's school) in New York and in his house.</div>
<div>Auggie's father thought that it's time for Auggie to go to school(5th grade)and he needs to understand and see the world. He is a funny person and understanding.</div>
<div>Auggie's mother, she doesn't want Auggie to go to school because she is scared that Auggie won't like it. She cares for him and is a big help to calm down Auggie.</div>
<div>Olivia (Via) Auggie's sister. Feels that no one pays attention to her. In high school.</div>
<div>Auggest (Auggie) main character. Has facial problems, in 5th grade and goes to school for the first time. </div>