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<div>This book provides detailed descriptions of the Total Participation Techniques (TPTs) with step-by-step instructions and includes new techniques to engage K-12 students in active learning as well as ways to adapt and personalize the techniques to fit your context and content.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book explores classroom-tested formative assessment moves--priming, posing, pausing, probing, bouncing, tagging, and binning--including foundational research, explaining how and when to best use them and describing what they look like in practice.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>Intended to help teachers provide effective feedback to students. Focuses on feedback that comes from a teacher to a student and is based on student work.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book is a guide to how to teach the essential, high-frequency words that appear in academic contexts--and reverse the disadvantages of what she calls "word poverty." It provides a selection of engaging strategies to help educators across all content areas and grade levels not only teach students a large quantity of words but also ensure that they know these words well.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book focuses on specific disabilities and inclusive curriculum scenarios for learners in K-12 environments. It offers advice on how to prevent labels from capping student potential and encouragement to help teachers continually improve learner outcomes, and walks teachers through the process of reinforcing, motivating, scaffolding, and planning for instruction that targets learners of all ability levels.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book covers the fundamentals of differentiating instruction for students in an academically diverse classroom and provides additional guidelines and new strategies for how to go about it</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book provides teachers with the information and strategies they need to spot, advocate for, engage, and challenge exceptional learners in their classrooms.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>For success in school and life, students need more than proficiency in academic subjects and good scores on tests. To truly thrive, students need to develop attributes that aren't typically measured on standardized tests. In this book, educators will learn how to foster the "Formative Five" success skills that today's students need, including : empathy; self-control; integrity; embracing diversity; and grit.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book offers lessons that educators at all levels can apply to teaching, assessing, counseling, and designing interventions for learners from all walks of life. It also offers real-life examples of challenging classroom situations, each with a detailed breakdown of how they were peacefully and non-punitively resolved and strategies for designing learning environments suited to the individual needs of students and reflective of their cultural backgrounds.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book proposes a new approach to pedagogy as the basis for the bold moves teachers and leaders need to make to engage all learners and prepare them for now and into the future.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book details how to design, manage, and maintain an active classroom that balances autonomy and structure. It offers student-centered strategies on sorting, station teaching, and cooperative learning that will help teachers build on students' intellectual curiosity, self-efficacy, and sense of purpose.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book provides insight and demonstrates how educator-centered instructional coaching can make a difference in teacher learning, instructional practice, and student outcomes.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book draws on lessons learned from educators across grade levels, content areas, and district demographics to present a guide to developing a culture of reflective practice in your school. </div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book outlines eight keys--each a piece of a puzzle for transforming the K-12 education system of teaching and learning--to intentionally design tomorrow's schools so that today's learners are prepared for success . . . and stand ready to create new industries, find new cures, and solve world problems.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book details the crucial role program evaluation serves in school success and how to implement meaningful evaluations that make a difference.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book offers guidance to help educators select, implement, and assess effective school- or districtwide initiatives. It is filled with resources like action checklists, principles to guide educators, and in-depth questions and protocols, for engaging in collaborative professional development activities that strengthen teaching and learning practices and improve student achievement.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book addresses a dilemma faced by many principals: how to function as learning leaders while fulfilling their evaluative and management duties. The answer? Incorporating instructional coaching techniques as an integral part of serious school improvement</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book offers practical advice and strategies that help you build positive energy to reinvigorate your school's culture and staff</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login

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