FLOWER STATION, N. Y., 7.30 A.M.deep tracks across a farm...
<div>FLOWER STATION, N. Y., 7.30 A.M.</div><div>deep tracks across a farm go 2 miles east; elephant went west</div> hudsonvalleycsa.org
<div>BARKER'S, N. J., 7.40 A.M.</div><div>Glass factory broken open here during night, and eight hundred bottles taken. water in large quantity near here is 5 miles distant. Elephant will be thirsty.</div> www.bakerglass.com
<div>CONEY POINT, Pennsylvania., 8.45 A.M.</div><div>Gas office broken open here during night and three month unpaid gas bills taken.</div> 2.bp.blogspot.com
<div>IRONVILLE, N. Y., 9.30 A.M.</div><div>This village in consternation. Elephant passed through here at five this morning. Some say he went east some say west, some north, some south. He killed a horse.Killed it with his trunk; he struck it left-handed. Elephant traveled northward along line Berkley Railway.</div> www.edisontechcenter.org
<div>SAGE CORNERS, N. Y., 10.30.</div><div>Elephant passed through here at 8.15. All escaped from the town but a policeman. Apparently elephant did not strike at policeman, but at the lamp-post. Got both.</div>
<div>GLOVER'S, 11.15</div><div>Village deserted. Elephant passed through three-quarters of an hour ago. The anti-temperance mass-meeting was in session; he put his trunk in at a window and washed it out with water from cistern. Some swallowed it--since dead; several drowned. Detectives Cross and O'Shaughnessy were passing through town, but going south--so missed elephant. Whole region for many miles around in terror. Wherever they turn they meet elephant, and many are killed.</div> www.27east.com
<div>BRIDGEPORT, CT., 12.15.</div><div>Barnum offers rate of $4,000 a year for exclusive privilege of using elephant as traveling advertising medium from now till detectives find him. Wants to paste circus-posters on him.</div> www.shadyslimo.com
<div>BAXTER CENTER, 2.15.</div><div>Elephant been here, plastered over with circus-bills, any broke up a revival.Citizens penned him up and established a guard. proceeded to identify elephant by photograph and description. All masks tallied exactly except one, which we could not see – the boil-scar under armpit. Brown crept under to look, and was brained. He escaped, but left bold blood-track from cannon-wounds. Rediscovery certain. He broke southward, through a dense forest.</div>