Elephant Search Map
<div>JERSEY CITY</div><div>This is the town from where the elephant was stolen.</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>IRONVILLE</div><div>Time: 5:00 A.M</div><div>Elephant's Actions: some say he went east some say west, some north, some south – but all say they did not wait to notice, particularly. He killed a horse; have secure a piece of it for a clue. Killed it with his trunk; from style of blow, think he struck it left-handed. From position in which horse lies, think elephant traveled northward along line Berkley Railway.</div> c1.staticflickr.com
<div>SAGE CORNERS</div><div>Time: 8.15 A.M.</div><div>Elephant's Actions: all escaped from the town but a policeman. Apparently elephant did not strike at policeman, but at the lamp-post. Got both.</div> mariposachamber.org
<div>GLOVER'S</div><div>Time: 10:30 A.M.</div><div>Elephant's Actions: the anti-temperance mass-meeting was in session; he put his trunk in at a window and washed it out with water from cistern. Some swallowed it - since dead; several drowned. Whole region for many miles around in terror - people flying from their homes. Wherever they turn they meet elephant, and many are killed.</div> avct.convio.net
<div>HOGANSPORT</div><div>Time: 11:49 A.M.</div><div>Elephant's Actions: elephant raged around streets; two plumbers going by, killed one - other escaped.</div> www.americanvillage.info
<div>BOLIVIA</div><div>Time: 11.50 A.M.</div><div>Elephant's Actions: dispersed a funeral on the way, and diminished the mourners by two. Citizens fired some small cannon-balls into him, and they fled. Killed detective Burke with his trunk. Chased detective Mulrooney, but got disctracted by the remains of the funeral. </div> i.pinimg.com
<div>BAXTER CENTER</div><div>Time: unknown</div><div>Elephant's Actions: Elephant been here, plastered over with circus-bills, any broke up a revival, striking down and damaging many who were on the point of entering upon a better life. Citizens penned him up and established a guard. After detectives Brown and Brint tryed to cath him he escaped, but left bold blood-track from cannon-wounds. Rediscovery certain. He broke southward, through a dense forest.</div> www.kcet.org