Buyer's Journey
<div>In this stage of the journey, the buyer might not even be aware of his challenge or opportunity.</div>
<div>In the awareness stage, the buyer understands the problem or opportunity and becomes aware that there are solutions.</div>
<div>In the consideration stage, the buyer decides to solve the problem and begins to consider solution providers.</div>
<div>In the decision stage, the buyer decides to solve the problem with a particular solution provider – hopefully you!</div>
<div><b>Questions the buyer asks at this stage include:</b></div><ul><li>What is the challenge or opportunity?</li><li>Where did it come from?</li><li>Why should I even care?</li></ul>
<div><b>Questions the buyer asks at this stage include:</b></div><ul><li>How do I solve this problem?</li><li>What is this?</li><li>Why does it matter?</li><li>What are the implications of action – or non-action?</li></ul>
<div><b>Questions the buyer asks at this stage include:</b></div><ul><li>How are others dealing with this challenge/opportunity?</li><li>What results are others seeing?</li><li>What ROI can I expect if I solve it?</li><li>What are the implications of action?</li></ul>
<div><b>Questions the buyer asks at this stage include:</b></div><ul><li>Are others satisfied with you?</li><li>Can you meet my needs?</li><li>Will the project be completed on time and on budget?</li><li>Will my team be able to achieve success?</li><li>What are the dynamics of the buy?</li></ul>
<div>The first step in the sales process is to engage prospects. Find the people whose problems your product or service resolves. Educate them about what you offer. Engage them.</div>
<div>To turn prospects into leads, entice them with valuable, actionable content that they can use today to solve a problem. In exchange, you get their contact information.</div>
<div>Content is the backbone of an effective automated marketing strategy. Here, you are walking your leads through the sales pipeline. Giving them progressively more valuable content, targeted to their preferences.</div>
<div>Leverage a mix of automated marketing and human-to-human selling. In human-to-human selling, content is an enablement tool, the extra “oomph” your sales people need to close the deal.</div>
<div><b>Content types that work best to engage prospects include:</b></div><div>- Social media</div><div>- Short videos</div><div>- Infographics</div><div>- Blog posts</div><div>- Contributed articles</div> Castelazo Content | Getting the Business Off Your Back
<div><b>Content types that work best to nurture leads include:</b></div><div> - Solution guides</div><div> - Case studies</div><div> - Webinars</div><div> - White papers</div> Castelazo Content | Straight-through Processing Starts with Data
<div><b>There's lots to explore here! Hover over the various elements to learn about:</b></div><div> - The buyer's journey (the blue banners)</div><div> - The questions the buyer asks (grey thought bubbles)</div><div> - The sales cycle (the orange kiosks)</div><div> - The role content plays (the Castelazo Content logos)</div>
<div><b>Content types that work best to help close the deal include:</b></div><div>- Sales decks</div><div>- Sales brochures</div><div>- Buyer's guides</div><div>- ROI presentations</div><div>- RFPs</div><div><br></div> Castelazo Content | Sun Devil’s Guide to Lifelong Learning
<div><b>Content types that work best to turn prospects into leads include:</b></div><div> - Checklists</div><div> - Tip sheets</div><div> - Technical briefs</div><div> - Business briefs</div><div> - White papers</div> Castelazo Content | My PUE’s Better Than Your PUE
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Castelazo Content is a B2B content marketing agency. We translate your insights into results.</span></div> Castelazo Content | B2B Content Marketing

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