Understanding your paycheck
<div>The Board of Ed that is paying.</div><div>Direct questions on the payroll based on the board paying here.</div><div>Chester, Deep River, &amp; Supervision contact Dawn Pearson at ex 1453</div><div>Essex, &amp; Region 4 contact Connie Turkington at xt 1456</div>
<div>ADVICE AMOUNT</div><div>The amount being deposited into your bank account, or the amount of the check.</div>
<div>Pay Date - The date the money will be available in your Bank account.</div>
<div>Week Ending - will only apply to hourly employees. This is the last date of the pay period in which this check is for.</div>
<div>EARNINGS</div><div>Base pay - SALARY employees </div><div>This will be a portion of your salary. If you have elected 26 pays or Balloon check this will be 1/26 of your Base salary. **NOTE** The "Rate" &amp; "Days/Hrs" do not apply to salary employees. This does not signify what this check is for.</div>
<div>EARNINGS</div><div>Base Pay - HOURLY Employees</div><div>This is the "Regular" hours worked and your hourly pay Rate. Also listed here will be your Overtime and any other hours worked.</div>
<div>CURRENT</div><div>This is the total Gross pay of this check only</div>
<div>YTD</div><div>This is your year to date gross earning for the current calendar year.</div>
<div>DEDUCTIONS</div><div>This is a listing of all Deductions that have been taken from your check over the calendar year. **NOTE** Please see the (*) They are explained in the NOTE section below.</div>
<div>CURRENT</div><div>This is the amount of each deduction that was taken from this current check.</div>
<div>YTD</div><div>This is the running total for the calendar year of all deductions taken. </div>
<div>DEPOSITS</div><div>This is the amount that was Direct Deposited into your Bank account for the current pay as well as the year to date amount. Your Bank information is listed in the second section.</div>
<div>Sample deductions and description:</div><div>FICA = Social Security Tax</div><div>MED = Medicare Tax</div><div>HSA or BC/BS = Your cost for Health Insurance premium</div><div>HSA = Amount going into your Health Savings account.</div><div>LIFE or EXTRALIFE = Your cost for Life Insurance.</div><div>FLEX DEP of MED = Amount going into your Flex Spending account if enrolled.</div><div>AFLAC PRTX - Cost of your Aflac pre-tax policy if enrolled.</div><div>FED WH - Federal Tax withholding</div><div>STATE WH - State Tax withholding</div><div>MERF = State penion amount for eligible employees</div><div>TRB 1.25 &amp; TRB 7% - Teachers Retirement contribution.</div><div>AFLAC AFTER - Cost of your Aflac post tax policy if enrolled. </div><div>DUES - Each union has their own title for the Unions dues. </div><div>HLTHREFUND**</div><div>This was a refund given if you qualified per union contracts/agreements.</div>
<div>NOTE</div><div><br></div><div>This is the explanation for the (*) on the deductions above. </div><div>Deductions with * are taken before Federal &amp; State taxes are deducted (meaning "Pre-Tax")</div><div>Deductions with ** are taken before FICA, MED, Federal &amp; State taxes are deducted (meaning "Pre-ALL Tax")</div>
<div>This is where we show your used &amp; balance of your paid time off (PTO) This will only be accurate at the time the payroll was printed. Any time not tracked prior will not be reflected. Questions on this contact Susan Koris Ext 1452</div>
<div>WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCES</div><div>This is what you have filled out on your tax forms W4. </div>
<div>ADVICE TOTALS</div><div>Taxable pay = The amount of this check that your taxes will be based upon. (Gross pay minus the pre-tax deductions)</div><div>Gross Pay = The true Total Earnings of this check.</div><div>Deductions = The total amount of deductions that have been taken from this check.</div><div>Net Pay = The amount of your Gross Pay (Total earned) minus all of the deductions. This is the amount that you will receive for this check. </div><div>YTD - This is the running totals (calendar year) for each of the above. </div>

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