An Interactive Image
We made paper plate decorations
We sang songs for our parents
We made calendars using shapes
We made calendars
We made pastry for our mince pies
We made Christmas biscuits
Christmas biscuits
We made yummy mincepies
We made a map of what we know about Christmas
We made paper plate characters
We made paper plate characters
We wrote our names in our Christmas cards
We made circle maps about christmas
We decorated our Christmas tree in Nursery
We used Christmas shapes to cut out our biscuits
We made Christmas biscuits
We had the story o Stickman My Interactive Video
Stickman helped Santa deliver presents My Interactive Video
We had the story of Stickman My Interactive Video
We used the iPads to make our own pictures of stickman
Our iPad Stickman
We made stick men on the iPads
We cut out biscuits