Setup on other platforms#

Below you will find instructions for installing Thinglink on some other commong web platforms:

Google Sites#

The simplest way to embed a Thinglink image to Google Sites is to use the "iframe embed code":

  1. Open up the image share dialog on the Thinglinked image.
  2. Click on "IFrame embed".
  3. Change the size of the embed as desired
  4. Copy the embed code to clipboard
  5. Go to your Google site (typically and edit it by clicking on the pen icon at the top right.
  6. Click on the "HTML" text in the toolbar.
  7. Paste the embed code from the clipboard into the HTML.
  8. Click "Save"!

If the above procedure does not work for you, you can also try this alternate version which involves the use of a custom Thinglink gadget:

  1. Copy this URL:
  2. Go to your Google site (typically and edit it by clicking on the pen icon at the top right
  3. Select Insert from the toolbar and then select More gadgets. Next, click on Add gadget by URL and paste in the URL you copied above
  4. Paste in the embed code of any ThingLink image* into the box that says Your Image embed code
  5. Click OK and then Save

The tagged image will show up on your Google Site! You can also set the width of the gadget in the dialogue screen for the tagged image to show up in a specific size.

Here is an example of what it could look like

Check here for a screencast on how to enable Thinglink for your Google Site!

* You can get the embed code of a ThingLink image by hovering over it and clicking on the Embed image icon in the top left corner.


To add a Thinglink image to your Weebly blog ...

1. Login at Weebly

2. Open your Weebly interface (Edit)

3. Navigate to Elements -> More -> Custom HTML

4. Drag and drop the custom HTML element to your blog

5. Copy the embed code of any Thinglink image

6. Paste it into your custom HTML element in Weebly. Click Publish to save changes.

Great! Now you should be able to see a Thinglink image in your Weebly blog!
Here is an example of what it could look like.


1. Copy your code from below

2. Navigate to the Design & Options section in Bandzoogle

3. Click the Footer Text on the left side of the menu

4. Paste the contents from the clipboard to the Footer Text box. If you already have some existing content in the footer, just make sure that not to overwrite
them, but put the embed code after it (see the screenshot)

5. Click Save

Now all your images will have the Thinglink editor menu enabled while you are logged into Thinglink!


1. Copy your code from below

2. Sign into your TypePad account. Choose Design tab from the top navigation and then Content from the navigation on the left side of the page

3. Scroll down the modules list, choose Embed your own HTML and then Add this module . You can name your module as you wish. Click OK and then save the changes.

Way to go! Thinglink functionality is now enabled for your Typepad site! When you hover over an image Thinglink icons appear automatically in the top left corner of the image. By clicking on the pen icon you can start adding image tags and links. Happy tagging!