Frequently Asked Questions

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ThingLink for teachers#

Can I turn my regular account to a teacher account?#

Of course. Go to while you are logged in and click on the magic button! You will get the teacher benefits immediately for no charge.

Check out this video for step by step instructions.

As a Teacher, how can I invite my students if they don't have an Email?#

Click on "Students" on the top of your screen; choose a group and "Register Students". You can use this tool to mass-register students that do not yet have a ThingLink account. The email of the created user will be set to your own email, so any attempts to e.g. recover password or any account notifications will be sent to you.

You can also automatically follow all the created students.

If you need to invite students who already have a Thinglink account, you can also do it from the Students screen by clicking on "Manage Group".

Do you have a presentation mode, I would like to show image on a projector#

Yes! Create a channel for the images, and then click on the "Slideshow" -mode.

Can more than one person edit at a time? Particularly small student groups.#

Unfortunately not. There are a couple of possible workarounds, however:

  • Students can Remix same starting image and there will be the links to remixes in the comments section of the original image
  • You can temporarily allow editing of the image to everybody (note that there is no history-undo feature at the moment). Students will still not be able to edit image simultaneously though

My students need to work on same image in several classes and they create them in the ThingLink iOS app. How do they continue editing the old image?#

Not from the iOS app unfortunately, app can be used for the initial image creation only. Web editor can be used in the following sessions, works on iPads too.

Thinglink may be blocked in our school, what do I do?#

Please ensure that the following sites and domains are accessible through the firewall.


When I place Google Docs, I get "This Document at this link cannot be accessed". What Should i do?#

Please, check if you have followed all the steps of These instructions.

If everything is correct, please, wait for several seconds and try placing the tag again, it will give Google servers some time to process the link.


What should I know about sharing interactive images on Facebook timeline.#

  • Only images created recently (after mid-April 2013) will be interactive on Facebook timeline.
  • If you share many images at the same time on Facebook, or in a short amount of time, Facebook will collapse all the images in an album.
An album is not an interactive entity.
  • Facebook is caching a certain amount of things, so if your image is not interactive on Facebook, try to create a new one and try again.
  • If your image has been previously posted as a non-interactive image, this change will not automatically make it interactive.
  • On mobile the ThingLink interactive web player will be used. SO, your images are interactive on mobile and Facebook mobile too.
  • Your image will look slightly different if you
    • copy/paste the ThingLink image URL on Facebook directly
    • or if you use the share button present on the image
  • Tags that work well on Facebook are:
    • Text
    • random URL
    • OpenGraph tags (Wikipedia, Amazon, Etsy, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook)
    • Images: Flickr, ThingLink, Imgur, Instagram
    • Youtube, Vimeo
  • As Facebook limits the height of the posted image, be careful when posting very tall portrait images, as the result may not be what you desire.
  • We are constantly improving this feature, so if something is not perfect, let us know and we will improve it.

My tool asks for my Thinglink ID, what is it?#

You can find your Thinglink ID via your Settings menu.

The ID identifies your site to us and is bound to your Thinglink account. Yes, you can use it on multiple sites.

Where should I put my tagging code?#

Put it on the template of your blog or website so that it's visible on all pages. It's best to put it near the bottom, as close to the </body> tag as possible, but not after it. We will have instructions for more common platforms soon.

My tags open partly outside images and get cut by site layout#

You can force tags to open inside images. When using single tagging, just add

<script type="text/javascript">__tlconfig = {hOverflow: false, vOverflow: false};</script>

before any tagged image. Or if you are using embed code, check "Keep tags inside images" on the embed code page. For more information, see our Embed Code API section.

Why is the menu not showing on some images?#

The image is probably too small. Just to keep everything nice and tidy we have a minimum size for the image which can be tagged. However, see the next question for help.

How can I force an image to be taggable, even if it's too small?#

Put a custom class attribute "alwaysThinglink" on the image. For example:
<img class="mystyle alwaysThinglink" src="http://..." width="400" height="100"/>

What is the character limit for the tag description?#

Character limit for tag description field is 2000 characters.

If I add image tag for ex. to Flickr or ThingLink, what size does it appear?#

Dimensions for the image tags are such that they always fit 240x240 pixel box. If they are bigger, they get downscaled so that they fit.

Why is there the Thinglink logo and menu on all images?#

Probably because you are the owner of the site. If you own the site, i.e. it's your own tagging code which is embedded in the HTML, we show you always the Thinglink logo and menu so that you can access your image editor easily. Try with another browser to get the experience that your visitors are getting!

What options are there for sharing a ThingLink image?#

There are two kinds of sharing options on all ThingLink images - Share and Embed. Sharing means that you share the image from the which it is located on and if another user clicks the link, the user will be taken back to the original site with the image. This is the way it works with Twitter, Facebook and email sharing. If you share to Tumblr, the tagged image will become live on that site, and not only link back to the original image. You can do the same thing with the Embed feature. Clicking the icon gives you an embed script, which when embedded as html will become live on any other site.

Why doesn't my image show the Thinglink editor?#

Probably because it's too small: we don't allow you to tag any image which is less than 130x130 pixels. If you, however, want to have tag an image smaller than that, add the alwaysThinglink class to your image. For example

  <img src=".." class="alwaysThinglink">

How do I prevent my images from being Thinglinked EVER?#

Add the 'neverThinglink' class to the image. For example:

  <img src=".." class="neverThinglink">

Do my own clicks and hovers count in the statistics?#

No. We filter out your own visits, clicks and hovers (as long as you are logged in to Thinglink, that is).

What is touch? How do I touch or comment an image?#

Touching is a way to express your interest on a particular image. Your Touches page gives you an overview of all the images you've touched. See the help pages for more about Touches, comments and notifications.

Can I remove the image copy link from the menu?#

Not at this time. However, we are working on this functionality.

Can I view my images in full screen?#

Yes, if you have one of our paying accounts. Click on the full screen icon on top of your image to enlarge.

Can I change how my tags or nubbins look?#

Not at this time. However, we are working on this functionality.

I don't want other people to see my images on How can I hide it?#

You can set the image to unlisted in the tag editor and the image will not be displayed to other users. It's as simple as that.

How do I get my images to spread and how do I get people to explore my images?#

Ah, the million dollar question! There are a couple of tips that will make the possibility of your image becoming viral more likely. When you've tagged your image, put it in all your channels. Feature it on your Facebook Page and instruct your users to share the interactive image on Facebook, Twitter and especially Tumblr. When creating your interactive image, make sure that the tags tell some kind of story to make the image exploration fun for the visitor. Use the imagery itself to draw attention to it and insert visual clues as to what the visitor can expect when hovering and clicking the tags.

What browsers does Thinglink support?#

We support the current and previous versions of the browsers mentioned below:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (9+)

On mobile, our web player supports

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android (4.x onwards)

We also have applications available in Google Play and iTunes store!

We don't officially support Opera but Thinglink should work just fine with it as well, as with most other standards-compliant browsers.

Please report bugs to or our Support Forum.

Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported after June 2015.

Does Thinglink work with lightboxes#

No, currently Thinglink doesn't support most popular lightboxes and just ignores lightboxed images. This is because lightboxes tend to render additional control layers on top of the image, and they prevent Thinglink to function properly.

Does Thinglink work on mobile browsers?#

Yes we do! Check above for our supported browsers, and check out our Android and iOS apps!

I run a community website. Can I offer Thinglink as an option for my users?#

Please contact us.

Yes you can and many already do. If you wish to add to your tracking code to a URL you can do so without it affecting the appearance of our Rich Media Tags and Open Graph tags. We add a Skimlinks tracker to all tags but it does not affect the functionality and look of ThingLinked images and tags at all, and any affiliate or tracker code you add will override our tracker.

I'm having sudden trouble - I can't edit my images!#

Please log out of and then log back in; there may have been a glitch. We apologize for any inconvinience.

My images are compressed and look bad because of it#

If you are embedding an image on another site using the image's embed code such as this one
<img src="" width="277" class="alwaysThinglink"/><script src=""></script>

you're able to set the width of the image by changing width="277" to anything you like.

Images uploaded to ThingLink, that are larger than 1280x1280, are scaled down to be smaller than 5 MB, while of course preserving the image's aspect ratio. We do however strive to preserve the original image quality. If you are creating Facebook Tabs with ThingLink they should show up in the full size that Facebook allows (800 px width). If not, please contact us and we'll look into it.

How do you count page views?#

‪We count page views whenever our Javascript is executed, i.e. someone looks at a page on which you pasted the Javascript code or installed the plugin. It’s designed to be as close to the page views you would get when viewing your page statistics with Google Analytics, StatsCounter or some other web analytics tool. So this means that it does not matter how many of your images are tagged - the more you tag, the more image views you will get for the same price.‬

Your image view quota is calculated on a monthly basis. You can check how many page views you have by going to your settings.

Is it safe to pay with a credit card?#

Absolutely. All transactions are handled by Stripe, a company we and many others trust. Thinglink does not store your credit card information.

How does your online customer service work?#

You can reach us at our support forum or via email at We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our service!

How do I know which subscription I have?#

You can check both your current subscription and your monthly page views in your settings.

Can I cancel my subscription?#

You can cancel your subscription via your Settings menu.

What happens if I run out of views?#

When you reach and exceed your image view limit, your images stay interactive. However, premium account features are restricted until you refresh your account balance.

Which languages do you currently support?#


This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from