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Unlocking Trips, Tours & Treasure Hunts with New Tag Transition!

Kyla Ball

Question: How to make sure your student/employee has walked through a virtual tour and reached their learning goals? Answer: With ThingLink’s new improved transition tag you can now add checkpoints to transitions. Correct responses will unlock the next scene!

Throughout the last year we have been delighted to introduce the improvements to the ThingLink experience, many of which are in direct response to the feedback we have received from the community. So a big thank you from us! These improvements have included:

  • Scene selection and searches
  • Thumbnails in Tour Tags 
  • Text in Tour Tags
  • In-Tag Video controls
  • Additional languages
  • New Interface in Beta! Try Saimaa here

So it is with great pleasure that we can bring to you our latest tag improvement feature, ‘conditional transitions’. Essentially this means that to move from one scene to another, the viewer will need to enter in a correct value in response to a question or validation. This can be text, numerical or a combination of both!

Helpful Tip: The answers are not case-sensitive; ‘Curiosity’, ‘curiosity’ and ‘cURiOsITy’ are treated as the same correct response.



Ideas from the ThingLink Community

Such a simple, useful and effective feature can have so many uses, from education and elearning to enterprise. So far suggestions and examples include:

    1. Digital breakout rooms 
    2. Mandatory safety and technical trainings
    3. Developing your own quiz questions, see Amanda Pickard’s –  Maths Example
    4. In-context job interview
    5. A passphrase protected school tour (This could be useful for parents / carers!)
    6. A passphrase protected sales or product training for new employees
    7. A passphrase protected 360 image of a vacation property for guests, instructions for settling in
    8. Themed treasure hunts
    9. Gamified learning experiences 
    10. Enhanced activities for observational skills, see Daren White’s –  Retail Customer Service Challenge

Spotlight Example: Explore Egypt

“This opens up a treasure trove of possibilities, especially for remote learning or even in class where we can’t be as active or close to learners as we used to. It’s so easy to use and will help to keep learners on task in a world of distractions.”  – Rachel Coathup, LEO Academy Trust

Quick guide!

Access our full support article here for the complete walkthrough and Questions & Answers!

We’d love to hear your ideas too, as always please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at education@thinglink.com


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