How to use Google Street View app to capture 360 photos for ThingLink

360 cameras allow you to take high-quality images for your school, business or marketing project. However, if you do not have the funding for such equipment or just want to try out 360 images, you can use the free Google Street View app on your phone. Continue reading to learn how to actually take these photos on the app, exporting them to ThingLink, and some live examples! 

Taking 360 photos with Street View

Please see this Google Support article.

Exporting photos from Street View to ThingLink

  1. Open the ‘Private’ tab
  2. Select a photo you’d like to publish
  3. Tap the ‘Share’ button
  4. Tap the ‘Share privately’ option
  5. Select preferred sharing option
  6. Upload the image to ThingLink

While there are many sharing options, we recommend making sure that the image exports in the highest quality. One of the easier ways to achieve this is using email & selecting the ‘Actual Size’.

Browse these two examples that were captured through Google Street View: 


Credit Michael Hughes, @LakersHughes on Twitter


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