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ThingLink Feature: Interactive 360° behind-the-scene tour by KiKA

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: KiKA – Interactive 360° (created with new editor)

Description:  Have you ever been tasked with the goal of providing the engaged fans of your organization with a digital behind-the-scene experience, but didn’t have access to intuitive tools to help drive the project?  Interactive 360° behind-the-scene tours solve this problem by giving editorial and marketing teams the power to create unique, immersive and actionable tours fast and without the need to loop in many resources.  This 360° tour from KiKA gives their fans an exclusive view into the new boarding school featured on their children television series ‘Schloss Einstein’.  Fans can discover content that does not appear in the episodes of the current season: outtakes, deleted scenes, character audio clips, links to podcasts, the profiles of the actors and more.

Explore this interactive 360° tour and how to make one below: 


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Featured picture of post "ThingLink Feature: Interactive 360° behind-the-scene tour by KiKA"

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