Andrew Segal

Andrew Segal is a top brass Criminal Defense Lawyer in Huntsville, AL.

Practice Areas :
Huntsville First Time Offenders
Huntsville DUI
Huntsville Drug Charges
Huntsville Marijuana Charges
Huntsville Traffic Offenses
Huntsville Domestic Violence
Huntsville Sex Crime
Huntsville Violent Crime
Huntsville Prostitution / Solicitation
Huntsville Gun Weapon Charges
Huntsville Theft / Property Crime
Huntsville Disorderly Conduct
Huntsville White Collar Crime
Huntsville Juvenile Crimes
Huntsville Warrants / FTA
Huntsville Out Of State Visitor Arrests
Huntsville Record Sealing / Expungement

The Law Offices of Segal & Segal, LLC,
706 Madison St SE,
Huntsville, AL 35801,
(256) 533-4529,
(256) 533-1678,

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