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ThingLink Premium Account#

Unleash the rich image, video and 360 degree image tagging tools of ThingLink by upgrading to Premium.


User seat management#

  • Create up to 1 group with up to 5 user seats
  • Groups can be joined with invite code


Branding customization#

  • Replace ThingLink logo with your own logo OR
  • Remove ThingLink logo completely
  • Hide touch icon and share icons (images only)
  • Hide source URL (images only)


Tagging tools bring images to life #

  • Upload, tag, share and manage your interactive images across different platforms
  • In addition to normal links, you can tag your images with rich media contents
  • Browse our favorites!


Match your style with tag customization#

  • Change the content and color of pop-up bubble and text
  • Choose between 20 font options and sizes
  • Bold, italic and heading styles
  • Bullets, numbering and hyperlinking text
  • Upload image from hard drive


Engage viewers with interactive video#

  • Tag and share videos from YouTube or Brightcove
  • Upload videos from hard drive
  • Tag, button and text customization options
  • All rich media contents function on video


Make your 360 content interactive#

  • Tag images, text, video and more into 360 images
  • Ability to add ambient background audio
  • Transition between multiple 360 scenes within one unit


Get creative with an enhanced icon collection#

  • More preloaded icons in your collection:
    • E-commerce icons
    • Social icons: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+
    • Action icons: watch, listen, play, read, explore
    • Transparent icon


Tell deeper stories with custom icons#

  • Upload and use your own icons
  • Custom icons can be any shape, size or color
  • An unlimited number of custom icons can be uploaded


Image slideshows like never before#

  • Add multiple interactive images to one unit
  • Share interactive slideshow with embed code
  • Unlimited images can be included in a slideshow
  • Embed image slideshow into interactive video
  • Full screen viewing available


Understand your viewers better with advanced metrics#

  • Detailed statistics on:
    • Engagement (views, hovers, clicks and average time spent)
    • Tag engagement (hovers, clicks, interaction time and more)
    • Embed location engagement (views, hovers and clicks)
  • Statistics with custom filters (date range, total vs. unique)
  • Export statistics to excel for offline view


Control tag styling and display#

  • Invisible bubbles
    • show only the icon
    • do not show the tag bubble even when icon is hovered over
  • Pinned nubbins
    • icons stay visible even when image is not hovered on


Scene page control#

  • Hide related content or only show your own content on scene pages
  • Disable comments function on your scene pages


Save time with background image replacement#

  • Replace an uploaded background image with another background image
  • Tags, statistics and image URL remain unchanged


Custom tags#

  • Build your own rich media tags to suit your specific needs
  • No restriction to the kinds of rich media tags that can be developed

Technical Support#

  • Normal technical support is provided for Premium plans
  • Guaranteed response time is 2 working days

Commercial License#

  • A limited commercial license is applied for Premium plans
  • You can use ThingLink for your own business commercially
  • You cannot use ThingLink for banner or native ad units or for reseller purposes. For full commercial license Contact us

Plan details#

This is a subscription based plan that can be canceled at anytime. Payments can are made yearly at $1,500/year. You can cancel the free trial prior to 14 days without being charged.

What are views?#

Views are counted cumulatively across all embedded images and videos. If you reach 1,000,000 monthly views nothing will happen to your media, but you will be prompted to discuss more customized account options from our team.

Contact us with any questions!