ThingLink Education Tutorial#

Learn how to use ThingLink to register your students and manage your classroom!

Creating Student Accounts#

Check That You Have a Teacher Account#

  • The'TEACHER' stamp is located under the ThingLink Logo at the top left of the screen.
  • Remember, only Teachers can set up student accounts, so it is important that your account is an education account.
If you have accidentally signed up for a Free Business account you can convert to an education account.
  • Click on the upper right hand menu that looks like three lines
  • In the menu select the gear shaped Settings icon
  • In the settings, choose the My Account tab, then click the blue "I'm a Teacher" button

For visual step by step instructions check out this video

The Students Menu#

The Students menu is where you can manage your students and your groups.
Here you'll find two tabs, the Students tab and the Groups tab.
The Students tab contains a list of all your students. In the Groups tab you'll find all your Classroom Groups.

Registering Students With an Invitation Code#

This section will teach you how to register students to your classroom groups with an invite code.
After navigating to the Students menu at the top of the page, click on the Groups tab.

Select the group you'd like to add students to. In the middle of the page you'll see a 6 digit alpha-numeric invite code.

This is the code your students will use to register and join your group.

To sign up with the code, students should navigate to where they will see this screen:

Click on "I'm a Student"

On the next screen they can register with their name, school email, and that invitation code. Make sure they enter the invitation code before they click "Sign Up."

Now they will automatically be a part of your group and be listed in your Students tab!

Registering Students Without an Email Address#

You can also register students yourself with just a list of their names. We will generate email addresses and passwords for you.

First navigate to the group you wish to add students to by clicking on the main STUDENTS tab, then the GROUPS sub-tab, and lastly on the specific group.

Once in the group, click REGISTER STUDENTS

In the text field, list your students' names.
  • Write or copy/paste your student list in the text field
  • Only enter one name per line
  • No duplicate names are allowed (if you have 2 "Bobs" in your classroom, use Bob1 and Bob2 or Bob Martin and Bob Taylor
  • Once done, click REGISTER STUDENTS

ThingLink-Generated Student Logins and Passwords

  • Our system will generate a list of logins and passwords for your students to use.
  • Distribute the logins/passwords to your students.
  • Ask your students to save those credentials as they will need them to login again during your next class.
This list will only be show ONCE. We highly recommend that you print these logins and passwords for your records.

Adding Students Who Already Have an Account#

If a student already has an account (that they created on their own, or created by another teacher) you can add them to your group via invite code or email address.
Invite Code Method

To find your invite code, refer back to the instruction in Registering Students With an Invitation Code section.

To input the code, students should navigate to the Account menu and then click on the groups icon that looks like three heads. On the Groups page students can input the code in the text field in the upper right corner.
Email Address Method

To invite students via email address navigate to the main STUDENTS tab at the top of the page. Select the Groups tab and then click on the group you wish to invite students to.

On the right you'll see a text field where you can input email addresses. Input the email addresses associated with the accounts you wish to invite and click invite one at a time.

Keep in mind that some school email systems do not allow students to receive emails from outside senders. If this is the case with your school, do not use this method. Students will not receive the necessary emails. Instead use the invite code method.

  • Your students can now go to and login
  • Make sure your students log in with the login credentials our system generated for them
  • Students will not need to sign up for an account on their own

Managing Student Accounts

With your teacher account, you can monitor and manage your students’ accounts.

Viewing Student Account Details

In Student Account Details you can find login emails, date of registration, last activity, groups, reset passwords, and delete accounts.

To view details of student accounts, navigate to the STUDENTS menu at the top of the screen.

In the Students page you should see a full list of all your students. Click on a name to find the account details.

Here you’ll find several pieces of information.
  • Login ID: The email address this student uses to login
  • Account Status: Whether this account is suspended or active
  • Registered: The date this student registered for ThingLink
  • Last Activity: The last time this student was active on ThingLink
  • Groups: The groups this student is a member of

Changing Student Passwords #

After logging in, navigate to the STUDENTS menu at the top of the page.

Here you’ll see a list of all your students. To change a student’s password, click on the key icon to the right of their name.

Enter the new password here.

Students can also change passwords themselves. Have students click on the menu in the upper right hand corner and select the settings icon that looks like a gear.

Click on the My Account tab in the settings menu. From here your student can change their password.

Suspending Student Accounts #

Suspension is a useful tool if you ever need to temporarily disable a student account.

First navigate to the main students tab.

Here you’ll find two subtabs: 'STUDENTS' and 'GROUPS'. In the STUDENTS subtabs you see a list of all your students. To the right of their names is the “SUSPEND” button. Click this and the student’s account will be temporarily disabled until you click again to restore it.

Deleting a Student Account#

Deleting a student account will close their account and delete all of their images.

First navigate to the main students tab.

Here you’ll find two subtabs, Students and Groups. In the STUDENTS subtab you’ll see a list of all of your students. Click on the name of the student you wish to delete. Once you’re on the account details of the student you’ve selected, you will see a trashcan icon at the right of the page. Click the trash icon to delete your student’s account.

Classroom Channels

All your class work, in one place.
  • Class channels are great for reviewing student work! Have students submit their finished product to the class channel
  • Create a slideshow for class by compiling several images in a channel
  • Start a channel with a single image for students to remix
  • We have created one class channel for you to start with called "Your name's student group"

Create a Classroom Channel

Classroom channels are associated with a single classroom group. To get started, navigate to the Me menu and select the group for which you wish to create a channel.

You are now acting as the group you selected. Select CHANNELS in the middle of the screen.

Select Create New Channel and choose a name. Now your channel is live! All members of the group will be able to add to the channel.

Don't forget to log out after adding a new channel.
You are still logged in as the group and you must log out in order to resume using ThingLink as your own account.

Adding Images to the Channel#

After creating an image you and your students can add it to the class channel with just a click.

After saving the image, a button that reads "POST" should appear on top of the image. Click on that button and select the appropriate channel.

Reviewing Images in Your Channel#

Review the images in your channel or display them as a slideshow!
  • Click on the "ME" tab at the top of the screen
  • Select the Channels icon
  • Choose the channel you wish to review
  • To view the images as a slideshow, click on the black 'View As Slideshow' button to the right
  • Students can also see the classroom channel by going to "ME" and "CHANNELS"