ThingLink Standard Features Tutorial#

Learn how to use ThingLink to create, share and manage your interactive images!


When you first log in to ThingLink you’ll see several main tabs at the top of the page. This is the main way you’ll navigate through the site

  • Search for cool content created by other users
  • Try using subject based keywords to get the best results


  • In the stream, view images that are created or touched by users whom you follow
  • Check out images featured by ThingLink staff as particularly awesome
  • See which images are top performers today and this week


  • Here you can find all the images and videos you have created, as well as any channels you may have
  • Share the link to this page with friends that want to see your work


  • The create tab is where the magic happens. Click here to start making your own interactive images and videos.


  • Want to experience all the awesome features that come with ThingLink Pro? Click here to upgrade.

Main Menu#

  • This menu is where all the technical stuff is
  • Adjust your settings, change your password, find your groups, and logout from here

Creating Images#

  • Creating an image only takes a few minutes and some inspiration
  • If you want to check out some inspiration before you start check out the Browse tab
  • First navigate to the Create tab

Upload Methods#

  • There are four different ways to upload images or videos
  • Upload images and videos straight from you hard drive
  • Use a URL to load images or videos
  • Sync up with your Facebook and upload images straight from your account
  • Search flickr users to upload any of their last 20 photos

Add Your First Tag#

  • Click anywhere on the image to add your first tag
  • Click on the icon image to select an icon
  • The tag preview updates as you type
  • If you want to add an image and a link, use the image+link trick: photolink#destinationlink. See it in action in this cool image

Rich Media Tags#

  • Try adding a rich media tag next
  • We have over 70 rich media tags that bring your tags to life
  • Check out all the rich media tags on this page

Sharing Settings#

  • Change whether your image is public or unlisted
  • Allow anyone to edit your image if you want to collaborate with others

Tagging Videos#

  • To start tagging a video navigate to the Create tab and upload a video
  • Add a new tag and input a title and a link
  • After saving the initial info, you’ll see an open tag with information populated by the URL you entered. Click “Edit” to change that information

Editing Video Tags#

  • An image and information will pre-populate from the website
  • To replace the image click on it
  • Edit the text the pre-populated text as well
  • Customize the color and font options in the Style tab

Sharing Your Videos and Images#

  • When your image or video is ready to be shown to the world, sharing is simple
  • Open up the image or video and select the “Share” button
  • Either click on an icon for one of the linked platforms or copy and paste the URL or embed code

Creating a Slideshow#

  • Here at ThingLink, we use something called ‘Channels’ to create beautiful slideshows
  • To get started, click on the Me tab at the top of the page, then select Channels
  • Click Create New Channel and name your slideshow
  • To add images to your channel just click the link beneath the image, but keep in mind, they will be in the order in which you add them