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<div>TECH INVENTORY OVERVIEW: SCHS is a hotbed of technological opportunities. We are at the forefront of the Saint Vrain Valley District's technology initiative having gone 1:1 environment bolstered student iPads, a MakerSpace lab, revitalized computer labs, and five laptop carts for classroom use. Students, parents, and teachers are supported by a technology coach (savior!), the Creek Geeks squad of student experts, a blog helpline, and even Camp iPad for teachers and for parents during the summer. Technology is everywhere at SCHS, but it's up to individuals to determine how much and how well it's employed.</div> photos.smugmug.com
<div>TECHNOLOGY TO GLOBALIZE: Looking ahead, I hope to increasingly globalize my classroom by:</div><div>+connecting with the Silver Creek Leadership Academy students' service projects (SCLA capstone presentation pictured), </div><div>+developing international outreach through programs like Global Generation </div><div>+creating global competences in the classroom by fostering empathy, expanding outlooks, &amp; encouraging participatory attitudes</div><div>+seeking ways to use technology in my Globalized Unit with support from our technology coach.</div> extras.mnginteractive.com
<div>FAVORITE RESOURCES: Google Classroom provides one-stop shopping for my students. From this platform, they can access links to a variety of resources (like recommended videos, websites, programs), get and submit assignments, and engage in discussions. All Google applications (from Docs to Surveys) are readily available. Since every student has a Google account through the district, there's never a question about whether or not a student can access a resource or interact with me, their instructor.</div> maxcdn.icons8.com
<div>TECH IN THE CLASSROOM: Every SCHS student has an iPad, ensuring technological equity when students are at school. In my classroom, it means that we can regularly access:</div><div>-Google applications</div><div>-Google Classroom</div><div>-Schoology</div><div>-Infinite Campus</div><div>-iMovie, GarageBand, etc.</div><div>-Kahoot!</div><div>-StoryBoardThat</div><div>-GoAnimate</div><div>-online textbooks</div><div>-TEDtalks</div><div>-everything the internet has to offer (that's not blocked by the district)</div> extras.mnginteractive.com
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">DISTRICT INITIATIVES: The District passed a mill levy in 2012 which has transformed technology access across the board. Luckily, SCHS is one of the lead schools for technology meaning that we get first dibs on new materials and recycled technologies (like Chromebook carts) travel to schools further down the pipeline after we've experimented with them. Technology training remains voluntary and outside of the working day. If you have the time and inclination, you can tech yourself out. For those with less time, it means that you have to figure it out on your own, often with mixed results. To fully and effectively globalize my classroom, I will need to take advantage of the district's training opportunities. </span></div><div><br></div> vimeo.com The use of mobile devices in support of student learning can be powerful. By providing increased access to tablets and other technology resources, teachers and students…
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">SCHOOL OUTREACH: Silver Creek is already using a number of technologies to connect to the larger community including several Twitter feeds, Facebook, Wikipedia, and the school website. To globalize my classes, I'd like to develop posting/communication opportunities for my students to reach out with their ideas and accomplishments that are also connected to our school as a whole.</span></div><div><br></div> twitter.com From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.
<div>SCHOOL RESOURCES:</div><div>2 computer labs</div><div>1 Makerspace lab</div><div>6 laptop carts</div><div>1 iPad per student</div><div>1 iPad and 1 laptop per teacher</div><div>1 technology coach/specialist</div><div>3 Creek Geeks (student experts)</div><div>1 technology Helpdesk</div><div>1 digital projector per classroom</div><div>online textbooks for science &amp; LA</div><div>Google accounts for all students</div><div>Schoology &amp; Infinite Campus</div> extras.mnginteractive.com
<div>NEXT STEPS: The SVVSD district includes numerous training opportunities for staff. My school has sponsored my participation in ISTE conferences and technology training through the Professional Development department like Camp iPad. Some upcoming class offerings include "Game it, Solve it, Share it" and "Design Challenge Institute".</div> extras.mnginteractive.com