Mount Graham Red Squirrels - Meidy Zhang
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Up in Mount Graham 10720 feet high, there lives the Mount Graham Red Squirrels. the Mt. Graham red squirrels were in great danger since the 1980’s. they are stranded on tall peaks and they occupy “Mount Graham and Webb, hawk, High, emerald, and Heliograph peaks in the Pinalenos.” There are only about 200 of these little small survivors left. There are only a few found each year. But there is a new threat, scientists are building an astronomical facility on Emerald peaks. Also the competing between the Abert's squirrel for the limited food and resource. Overall, the Mount Graham Red Squirrels are an endangered animal now.</span></div>
<div>This chart shows the population of the Mount Graham Red Squirrels. The Red Squirrels have been endangered animals ever since the 1980's. </div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">The Issues are caused by the human race and nature. It’s caused by the federal government and everyone else. The Mount Graham Red squirrels lived in the Mount Graham Forest Mountains, but trees were cut down since the 1800s. So, then these squirrels were pushed up on the mountains. But other than the loggers there were a viral illnesses and a disease, called tularemia that were spreaded among these squirrels that have killed them. Abert’s squirrel is now outcompeting the Mt. Graham Red Squirrels for the limited food and housing, which forced the Mt. graham red squirrels even farther. The Red Squirrels have a lot of competitions for the resources.</span></div>
<div>The Abert's squirrels are overtaking and competing against the Mount Graham Red Squirrels for the limited amount of food and habitat. </div>
<div>This video shows how the Mount Graham Red Squirrels are in danger and that scientists are breeding them to help restore the population of red squirrels.</div> An Update on the Endangered Mount Graham Red Squirrel - YouTube
<div>Mount Graham Red Squirrels are held captive for species restoration, for example like this one.</div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">But it is not too late to save the Mount Graham Red Squirrels! Some ways to save these squirrels are to plant more trees in the forest, which included oak, ponderosa pine and Douglas fir on the lower slopes. scientists and the government are looking for some new habitats for the squirrels, and they are also breeding the red squirrels and releasing them back to the wild. Another way to help save the Red squirrels is too hunt less and don’t hunt any of the endangered animals including the Red Squirrels. It takes 50 years at least to see progress, 100 to 300 years are needed to restore the habitat, and the cost are estimated at $2919000. It takes progress and work to help and save the Mount Graham Red squirrels.</span></div>
<div>Mount Graham Red Squirrels' population were decreased because of food poisoning and diseases. </div>
<div>The Red Squirrels have to fight for its food and home.</div>
<div>The amount of Mount Graham Red Squirrels' habitats have decreased over the years.</div>

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