The Thermometer - Jaida Hawthorne
<div>Santorio Santorio invented the thermometer in 1612. Galileo invented the first thermoscope in 1596.</div>
<div>The first thermometers were called thermoscopes. The thermometer was invented by Santorio who was an Italian inventor. </div>
<div>Galileo invented the thermoscope which was different than a thermometer because it could not measure temperature it could only indicated it. Galileo sometimes claimed to be the one who invented the thermometer even though he invented the thermoscope.</div>
<div>In 1612 Santorio is the one who added a scale to an air thermoscope which made it a thermometer rather than a thermoscope. The thermometer was not very accurate back then and pressure was not very understood.</div>
<div>The thermoscope shows change in temperature but not what the temperature actually is. The usual design is a tube that has a liquid that rises and falls when the temperature changes.</div>
<div>The importance of the thermometer during the scientific revolution was it helped advance our technology and now people could somewhat tell the temperature..</div>
<div>The importance of the thermometer now is it can tell us how we need to dress based on weather, if we have a fever and need to see a doctor, and tells us what the temperature is outside.</div>

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