Remix of "Jaguar Animal Adaptation Project"
Question 2: The Jaguar lives in several different habitats, mostly including: Rainforests, Swamps, Grasslands, And mountainous scrub areas. The climate in these regions are mostly hot, humid, and tropical.
Sources: Question One & Two- Question 3a & 3b- Question 3c-
Question 1: The Jaguar lives and resides in North and South America, A small population of these creatures live in the U.S while they reach down to Mexico and all the way down to Patagonia, A region in South America.
Question 3a: The first adaptation I decided to choose with the Jaguar is the Jaw, The sheer power and bite of this animal is made to kill prey with a single and swift bite, The reason this is an adaptation is because instead of having to bite an animal several times and claw it, they just use one swift bite. This adaptation includes long canine teeth and powerful jaw muscles.
Question 3c: Finally the last adaptation is their love of water and swimming abilities just like Tigers, This is used primarily to catch fish and to cross any flooded parts of a forest during rain season.
Question 3c: Finally the last adaptation of this animal is their love and ability to swim greatly just like Tigers. This adaptation is used for catching fish and swimming parts of flooded forest during rain season along with rivers/streams.
Period 1 McCabe Benjamin Banken
Question 3b:
Question 3b: The second adaptation I decided to do with this creatures is its small size, Though you may not agree that this animal is small, Its Big Cat counter-parts in Africa might disagree with you. This adaptation helps the animal with Climbing, Speed, Jumping, Agility, And stalking.
Question 4: Adaptations come from a change in traits to live better in a Habitat/Biome they reside in, and for survival.
Question 5: I say a population adapts, The reason for this is that either by genetic mutation or just several decades/generations of a animal living in that specific habitat, They reproduce, sending their traits and genes to the next generation. Thus causing a community of that animal genes.
Question 6: A trait is considered an adaptation if that specific trait helps the animal survive in its habitat and pass it down to their offspring. When a jaguar pounces, sometimes one bite is all it takes to get a meal. National Geographic has exclusive video of a jaguar taking down a caiman in Brazil's...

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