Remix of "Butler University"
B-ulldogs<br />U-nite<br />T-alent<br />L-earning <br />E-nergetic <br />R-espectful
Butler universities fight song YouTube
Butler&apos;s mascot
Butler university map in Indianapolis, Indiana
Famous Alumni <br />1. Scott Drew head coach for Baylor <br />2. Pat Neshek MlB pitcher <br />3. Garo Yepremian NFL star back in 1966<br />4. Ed Carpenter Indy car driver <br />5. Becky Lyne professional runner
Basketball roster 2014-2015
Fun Facts <br /><br />1.there mascot name is Trip <br />2.They have never won a national championship <br />3.tuition is $33,490/year<br />4. There are 4,902 people attending Butler <br />5. 66% of people make it into the school

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