A Appearance: 1. Dark skin 2. Wears little clothing 3. No shoes 4. Both genders wear strings of beads around their neck. t1.gstatic.com
B - Beliefs 1. Monotheistic 2. Rituals are performed at births, deaths, to cure disease, and in time of crisis. joshuaproject.net
C - Communication 1.Has a diverse language vocabulary. 2. Have more than 400 to refer to cattle alone. 3. Their movements, their diseases, and their variety in color and form. www.zoa-international.com
D - Dates 1. Celebrations take place in Autumn when the whole tribe is together. www.pixoto.com
E - Entertainment 1. Dinka men play mock sparring, using spears or sticks and shields. 2. Women make clay cooking pots using a coiling technique. pulitzercenter.org
F - Food 1. They fish and occasionally hunt. 2. Millet is the mainstay of the Dinka diet. 1. Fish 2. Milk 3. Tomato 4. Rice www.wvi.org
G - Government 1. Republic of Sudan has tried to kill all the Dinkas. 2. Civil war 3. Dinkas taken over www.arcspace.com
H - Housing 1. Lived in huts with conical thatched roofs. 2. Homesteads were typically surrounded by a garden. 3. The area would set afire and a new homestead erected nearby. 1.bp.blogspot.com
I - Information 1. The Dinka any formal system of education until literacy. 2. Was introduced via mission school in late 1930s postconflict.unep.ch
1. Tending herd of cattle 2. Growing millet Women are responsible for growing crops 3. Women also cook and draw water. 9fc6ff.medialib.edu.glogster.com
K - Kinds of information 1. Very hot 2. Sandy 3. Small shelter pulitzercenter.org

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