Frost on the Door
Doorways to Learning in the World Kevin's Meandering Mind | When Connected …
Saying Hello Back
Not That Kind of Writer Kevin's Meandering Mind | Identity Exploration: Not That Kind of Writer
Remixing Identity
Walking the Dog before Dawn “The dog was a reluctant participant in this morning’s blizzard-filled #walkmyworld”
Before Dawn: A Poem Kevin's Meandering Mind | Audio Poem: Before Dawn/Walking Home
A Memory Map Kevin's Meandering Mind | Not a Totem but a Memory Map
My Saxophone as Totem Kevin's Meandering Mind | My Totem: My Tenor Saxophone
A Totem Meme
Of Childhood Dreams and Songs Kevin's Meandering Mind | Of Dreams and Songs and Childhood
My Mirrored Self: A Poem For walk my world
Mirror/Palindrome Poems Two Mirror/Palindrome Poems Writing, the remembering; Inside, remembering the writing. Hearing musical remains; shifting chords, playing just playing chords, shifting, remains: “musical hearing.” -Kevin Kevin's Meandering Mind | A Poetic Remix: Breaking Through the Surface of Stone
Make Your Mark Upon the World a poem for Walk My World

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