Mount Pelee
My volcano this is one of my pictures got the picture from Google.
Another picture of Mount Pelee. source: Google
This is my geographic map with my volcano location marked. source:Google
This was the closes I could find to a map of plates with my location marked Montagne Pelee on this map is my location Source: Google
How my volcano formed: First, subduction causes the older, heavier plate to sink below the oceanic crust and back into the mantle. Next, water helps the rock in the top of the subduction plate to melt and because magma, Finally the hot magma rises breaks through the crust and a crack in the crust forms and makes a volcano.
My volcano is a explosive volcano and it is a composite volcano. My volcano is also 4,583 feet tall. It was formed along a convergent boundary and it was formed under water the plates that created are Carrabian Plate, and North American.
This volcano has had more than 30 eruptions in the past 5 years. The last major eruption was in 1929-1932 this eruption lasted 3 years. this eruption killed 30,000 people and sent ash into the air.
My volcano is located on: City/State: Martinique Country: Carrabian Continent: South America
My volcano is also 100,000 years old. My volcano is also currently active to this very day.
Fun Fact: It was the worst volcanic of the 20th century.
We should not be worrying about it majorly exploding because it has not been exploding for over 100 years.

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