The story takes place in Sydney, Australia. Perched on the East Coast of Australia, Sydney, is the vibrant capital of New South Wales....
Introduction to Nemo and Marlin who are the main characters.
Bruce is a Great White Shark who is trying NOT to eat the fish that he encounters. The film crew tags a number of great white sharks to study their movement patterns along Australia's coast. When one of the devices washes ashore, could a ki...
Hammerhead Shark but I can't remember his name. Hammerhead shark - Wikipedia
Dory is the other main character
Marlin is a Clown Fish. He lives in a Sea Anemone in the movie, but the Clown Fish don't actually live in the anemones. They just stay there for safety. The video shows a baby hiding there amongst the stinging tentacles for safety. Baby clownfish in anemone
Crush is a Sea Turtle. They actually do live for a very long time. Sea turtle - Wikipedia
Nigel is a Pelican. Pelicans eat fish. A pelican, derived from the Greek word πελεκυς pelekys (meaning "axe" and applied to birds that cut wood with their bills or beaks) is a large water bird wit...
Nemo escapes from the net and is free.
Marlin and Dory meet a Sea Turtle named Crush who helps them get to Sydney.
Nemo gets captured by a diver (dentist) and taken to his dental office.
Marlin goes in search of his lost son Nemo and meets Dory.
Marlin and Dory meet Bruce and the other sharks.
Nemo meets the other fish in the tank of the dentist office and try to formulate an escape plan.
Nemo and friends escape from the dentist office.
Nemo goes to school with friends.
Marlin is accepted by his peers.