Candy Kingdom
The gobstopper games are when every one in Candy Kingdom come together to play in a series of games to see who is the golden gobstopper of the year.
This is where the chocolate river turns into normal ocean water.
This is where you need to show your respect to the queen on the steps of the palace or you will go to prison.
This is where you can go to ski, sled, snowboard, and ice skate.
This is the bridge to Nothingland.
This is Pixy Stick Island. The three Islands are all beaches and the sand is made of Pixy Stick Sugar Dust. They are all different colors. They are pink, blue, and purple.
The Candy Cane Forest is a magical forest with mysterious creatures.
Candy Corn Peke is where you can go to hike and ride mountain bikes down the steep hills
Heart Lake is where everyone comes on Valentines Day to swim.
Anchor Island is an island filled with mini candy anchors.

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