This is where you get information about new emails, quizzes students have submitted, and items students have placed in dropboxes.
This is where you can put important information, reminders, or anything else students need to know.
This is calendar for the course. If you put a due date on anything in the course it automatically puts that due date in the calendar. You can also add entries manually. Calendar-D2L.pdf
This is the Course Content Browser. It allows students to view content you have placed in the course without leaving the course homepage. This site exists to help Ontario Teachers use the Desire2Learn Virtual Learning Environment for use in eLearning or Blended Learning.
This video shows you how to add multiple files into D2L all at once.
This video shows you how to use the News tool to deliver content to students Once you have added your content to the online classroom, you can easily deliver it to the students to complete by moving it to the front page news section.
This video shows you the basics of how to use the News tool, create posts, embed content, dismiss and delete posts This video introduces the D2L News Tool.
This area is for you to put a list of tasks YOU want to complete. The tasks you put here are not visible to students. Visit our community site: Visit our main website: A video for Instructors on Calendar Tasks in th...
This is a playlist of videos that explain how to use the Content feature in D2L These videos outline how to create content in Brightspace Learning Environment.
This is a playlist of videos that explain all the assessment tools in D2L
This is a playlist of videos that explain all the Communication features in D2L.
In this area links added through the Links feature on the Edit Course page will be visible for everyone in the course. If you add links to this area from the homepage ONLY YOU will be able to view and access the links added this way. These links WILL NOT BE VISIBLE TO STUDENTS, unless the links are added in the Links section on the Edit Course page.
This area is for you to perform a search using the Google Search Engine.
This area will allow you to switch your role from Teacher to Student so that you can see what students will see when they are in the environment. (Using the Impersonate feature in the classlist is more accurate)
The Edit Course link allows you to access all the features in your D2L course. Click on the link included here to see how each feature works. TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink
This video shows you an introduction to the Calendar tool. Visit our community site: Visit our main website: An introductory video for Instructors on the Ca...