Ruines inside of the Colosseum
In the arena, there were a lot of performings organised by the ruling emperor. There were shows with gladiators, bestiarii (animalfighters) and also historical sea battles were staged (naumachiae). In this YouTube-movie you can a take of 'Gladiator', it gives you an idea how a gladiatorfight looked like. YouTube
Titus, Vespasianus & Domitianus were involved with the construction of this giant aphitheatre. It took 8 years to build the Colosseum, it was emperor Titus who inaugerated the amphitheatre in 80 and organised the 100 days of games to celebrate the opening of the Colosseum.
To get an idea of how the Colosseum would have looked like, you can follow the link and click several positions to watch the view.
Beneath the Colosseum there has been an area, called the substructure. This area consisted of cages and tunnels in which animals and gladiators used to be kept. Via lifts, the animals and gladiators were raised into the arena. Explore one of Rome's greatest buildings
Follow the link for an article for a brief summary of the Colosseum's history. Explore the bloody history of the Colosseum - one of Rome's most famous stuctures. Discover how it was built.
Archaeologist Daniele Manacorda and the Italian minister of culture are considering to bring the old arena of the Colosseum back alive. In the 19th century the arena was removed to expose the substructure. When the arena should be rebuilt, tourist could see the Colosseum just like spectators who were attending a spectacel 2000 years ago.
The cavea could seat about 50 000 spectator and was divided into 4 galleries. The senators had marble seats close to the arena. Other spectators were sitting close or further away from the arena, depending on their social status. The emperor had is own box at the long side of the arena, right across the loge of the empress and the Vestal Virgins.