Canadian Landforms
Canadian Shield<br />
Where most of Canada&apos;s natural resources come from<br />
Frozen Hudson Bay traps some wildlife.<br> A pod of killer whales are filmed surfacing through a breathing hole in the ice of Hudson Bay, Quebec, after becoming trapped
Lots of trading is done in the Hudson Bay<br /> Bad title - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arctic Ocean<br />
United States of America is located below Canada. The two countries trade lots of goods.<br />
Rocky Mountains from an airplane<br />
The Rocky Mountains range from northern Canada all the way to southern USA<br /> Rocky Mountains - Wikipedia
The Great Lakes are a border between Canada and the USA<br />
The St. Lawrence River helps with Canada&apos;s trade by allowing ships to come to and from the Atlantic Ocean<br />
The St. Lawrence River can freeze in winter. Watch as this ship with goods for trade plows through the icy river<br />
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