The masque of the red death lewis avery
In January of 1842, Virginia Poe was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her husband, Edgar knew of only one way to deal with this. The Masque of the Red Death is an animated tribute to the troubled author, whose experience with tragedy and heartbreak inspired some of literature's most beloved writing. Animation of Edgar Allen Poe's classic tale the Masque of the Red Death- while the Red Death kills all of the people in the country Prince Prospero holds a m...
"The Mask of the Red Death: A Fantasy" was what this story was published as originally, then changed to "The Masque of the Red Death"
Poe goes on and on about how terrible the red death is. He depicts that this disease will make you sweat blood, have random sharp pains, and dizziness. A victim will die within 30 minutes.
At this party, in the story, a mysterious figure appears, and assimilates into everyone. He can easily do this because this party is a mask party. His arrival does not seem bizarre until he murders the prince without even touching him. When the crowd tries to apprehend him, they find out that there is no person under the mask.
Poe uses imagery by talking about the big ebony clock in the back of the room of the building where the party is being held. This clock stops ticking at the end of the party for an unknown reason.

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