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TODAY Report: How much wind can homes really withstand? <br /> www.today.com With the possibility of a tropical depression forming into a hurricane in the Caribbean, there is renewed attention on how much wind homes can handle. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.
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How to build a strong stucture?<br /> youtu.be Bees are the nature's tiniest engineers. They build honeycombs, very strong structures that inspire civil engineers to build parking lots and other kind of b...
How can you use geometry for structural and civil engineering?<br /> tryengineering.org Of all the Engineering disciplines, Civil Engineering uses Geometry the most. Geometry means "to measure the earth" and clearly Civil Engineers involved in surveying are doing precisely that. By the way, in some languages, such as Arabic, the word for "engineering" also means "geometry" (see: http://www.answers.com/topic/engineering)
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Tornado-proof homes? Article<br /> science.nbcnews.com Homes in the direct path of the monster tornado that roared through Oklahoma City suburbs Monday were all but certain to be destroyed. Yet inexpensive construction techniques could have kept up to 85 percent of the area's damaged houses standing, accordi