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Students and Teachers - Wading vs Jumping - Both Are OK hookedoninnovation.com I've received lots of great feedback on my SAMR Swimming Pool analogy (Taking a Dip in the SAMR Swimming Pool).  This was an idea originated by Greg Garner's take on Dr. Ruben Puentedura's often re...
Interactive SAMR Ladder www.gettingsmart.com SAMR is a truly useful tool for helping teachers identify their current comfort zone in order to build expertise in designing efficient and effective student learning experiences. To reach higher levels on the SAMR ladder, teachers can make some planning and instructional shifts.
Questions and Transitions www.hippasus.com
Resources Galore www.schrockguide.net SAMR is a model designed to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning. Popularized by Dr. Ruben Puentedura,  the  model supports and enables teachers to design, develop, and ...
Review Time www.youtube.com SAMR in 120 Seconds - YouTube
SMAR Blended Learning Window roflections.com
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Using SAMR to Teach Above the Line www.gettingsmart.com
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SAMR Smash Combining SAMR and Blooms (Thinglink) www.thinglink.com TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink
Pinterest Board - Hundreds of resources, many of them visual! www.pinterest.com Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About SAMR!
Teacher-centered analogy hookedoninnovation.com I recently got to watch the SAMR master himself, Dr. Ruben Puentedura take the stage at iPad Summit Boston.  His SAMR model research is based on years of observing one-to-one technology integration...