Börek - A fluffy pastry filled with cheese, spinach and sometimes meat Börek
Kaymek Yogurt (almost like sweet cream) with a glob of raw honey under it, nice mike of sweet and salty!
Kara Zeytin Black Olives are a snack had anytime of the day! Olives
Peynir - Cheese There are many types of cheese to be found in turkey, but the most common is Beyaz Peynir (White Cheese), very similar to feta cheese! Cheese
Çay - Chai Tea is easily the most common beverage to have.. it is normally had with breakfast though and as a "break drink"
Bal - Honey Who doesn't like some good ol bee magic!
Yumurta - Egg A fried egg is common to see on the breakfast table
Domates ve Hıyar (Tomatos and Cucumber) Like many Mediterranean countries, these foods are a common side to have with most meals
Türk Kahvesi (Turkish Coffee) REALLY strong coffee with the grounds at the bottom of the cup
Tahin- Tahini A ground up paste of sweet sesame.. kinda like a variety of peanut butter!
Sucuk [Soo-jook] Spiced beef sausage, kinda similar to pepperoni
Ekmek - Bread Can come in loaf, rolls, or traditional flatbread forms