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This magnifying glass lets you make the words on the screen bigger.
This magnifying glass allows you to make the words on the screen smaller.
This information tells you what question number you are working on and how many more questions there are on the test.
Clicking on this bar allows you to change which question you are viewing.It also informs you of how many questions you must answer on this page.
If you click this arrow the paragraph part of the screen will expand so it is easier to read. You must click this arrow again to make the screen go back to it's original place.
This is the passage that will help you answer the questions.Sometimes there is a picture or something to listen to in this space instead.
This icon is of a safe. It allows you to save the test where you are. Your teacher will give you instructions when to use this button.
This button allows you to pause your test for up to 20 minutes. You will use this when your teacher allows you to take a break.
If you'd like to go back to a page in the test that you have already completed. You might do this to review or check an answer.
If you'd like to go to the next page in the test you can click this arrow. Make sure you've answered all the questions on this page first, otherwise you cannot continue!
This is the help menu.
It's always a good idea to preview the questions first.
This icon lets you view a tutorial.
This speech bubble opens up a notepad that you can use to take notes.
If you click on this flag it marks the question as one that you would like to come back to review later.
The scroll bar is small and can be hard to see. You use it to view all the questions on the page.