Read, Write, Research
What should we be able to answer about reading, writing, and researching this year? Essential Questions RWRC 1415
What should my task look like? What scale will we use? Project Scale Marzano Rubric Open RW1516 ⅞ Essential Question: What strategies and processes do collaborators need for success? Collaborate:Set goals, deadlines, Track progress; Discuss respectfully, clearly, factually [SL1b,c,d, 4] How well did your team collaborate to plan and create a detailed and well-designed project on t... Essential Question: How do researchers investigate successfully? RW7 Investigate: Research, Question, Investigate, Question, Answer How well did you dig for relevant and accurate information to thoroughly explain your topic? INVESTIGATE Conduct short research projects to answer a question, d... RW1516 - ⅞ Essential Question: How do readers and writers determine and develop relevant, accurate, and complete topics? Content: Central Idea and details [relevant quotations, facts, definitions, examples, vocabulary] RI1,2 WHST 8 How relevant, accurate, thorough, and detailed is your informat... Essential Question: How do publishers design and organize content for their audience and purpose? Design: Organize ideas and historical events in form/format for audience and purpose to include multi-media and concluding statement WHST 2, 2a, f How well was each part of the project organized an... Essential Question: Why and how do editors and speakers use and edit with the rules for standard English grammar and language ? Language: Correct grammar; conventions [spelling, capitalization, punctuation, ] L123 How well did you edit your work / project / presentation? Did I edit my la...
What is the current task?
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