<b> </b><b>John F Sillah - </b><i>Kabala, Koinadugu District</i><b><i> </i></b> <i>See all reports from John F Silah - </i> ebola.onourradar.org JohnFSillah – Radar Ebola
<b>Mohamed Camara</b> <b></b>is a community organiser in Susan’s Bay slum, Freetown.<b> </b> <i>See all reports from Mohamed Camara - </i> ebola.onourradar.org MohamedCamara – Radar Ebola
<b>Moses Kortu </b>is based in Kailahun, Koindu District. His SMS reporting on the Ebola outbreak has been featured by the BBC and Channel 4 news.<b><i> </i></b> <i>See all reports from Moses Kortu - </i> ebola.onourradar.org MosesKortu – Radar Ebola
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<b>Elizabeth Katta </b>is a women’s rights activist based in Bo.<b> </b> <i>See all reports from Elizabeth Katta - </i> ebola.onourradar.org ElizabethKatta – Radar Ebola
<b>Patrick Lahai </b>is a student and double amputee based in Bo District. <i>See all reports from </i><i>Patrick Lahai - </i> ebola.onourradar.org PatrickLahai – Radar Ebola
<b>Sixty Camara </b>is a former gold miner based in Makeni, Bombali District. <b> </b><i>See all reports from Sixty Camara - </i> ebola.onourradar.org Page not found – Radar Ebola
<b>Abu Bakarr Kargbo </b>is a journalist based in Freetown. <i>See all reports from Abu Bakarr Kargbo - </i> ebola.onourradar.org AbuBakarrKargbo – Radar Ebola
<b>Nusratu Coker </b>is a Radar trainee based in Freetown. <i>See all reports from Nusratu Coker - </i> ebola.onourradar.org Nusratu Coker – Radar Ebola
<b>Amjata Bayoh </b>is a medical professional based in Freetown.<i> </i><i> See all reports from Amjata Bayoh - </i> ebola.onourradar.org AmjataBayoh – Radar Ebola
<b>Mariama Jalloh</b> is a student based in Kabala, Koinadugu District. <i>See all reports from Mariama Jalloh - </i> ebola.onourradar.org MariamaJalloh – Radar Ebola
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<b>Seray Bangura</b> is a disability rights activist based in Freetown. <i>See all of Seray Bangura&apos;s reports - </i> ebola.onourradar.org SerayBangura – Radar Ebola

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